Test Title

Test Title

I wonder if there is a way to include images in a mardown document that I then publish to WordPress.com

Actually – there is no spell check here. That’s going to be really difficult for me, as my typing is not that grrat to be honest.

Perhaps this is a bad idea. Grammarly, wherefore art thou?

Test post.

Test post.

Yes, this is a test post.
Just downloaded Byword so I’m seeing how well it plays with various platforms.
I wonder if I can publish the same post to both WordPress and Tumblr? (Whether I should or not is another question entirely!)

Test Post

Is this my title?

I’m testing out the new Desk 3 for Mac, but I’m not really sure how it works.

So now I have this in front of me is that a bit clearer and can understand what I’m saying yeah mostly that’s better.

So for the most part as long as you’ve got a reasonable microphone or you close to your microphone the voice dictation works reasonably well.

This is possibly a way to. And then come back and just touch up later.

So now I am voice dictating on my laptop instead of the iMac and I don’t need an external mike it seems. I guess it’s because I am close to it.